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Home Seller Services in Knoxville

Selling in Knoxville is not a chore; it’s an adventure!  We live in one of the most unique real estate markets in the country.  With careful planning, attention to detail and consistent follow through, TREF agents excel at getting their clients the most favorable price and terms possible.

When you’re ready to sell, your TREF agent will work as your:

  • Expert:  We give you a strong start by determining the best pricing strategy.  You’ll receive a market evaluation of your property using up-to-the-minute local market info and appropriate comparable sales data, so you can make a decision with confidence.
  • Consultant:  We help make your property shine.  Your agent will work with you to prepare your property for the market, even if that includes managing repairs. Our agents are also skilled at staging homes to look their best.
  • Bullhorn:  Your TREF agent gets the word out by designing a marketing strategy specific to your property utilizing the most effective advertising and promotional tools.
  • Guide:  We work with you to prepare all disclosures and documentation necessary to safeguard your legal interests.
  • Networker:  As your agent, we work to share your property throughout the real estate community to guarantee your property has the highest exposure to as many pre-approved buyers as possible.  Our agents love to network!
  • Mediator:  In order to negotiate your highest sales price and the best terms, we work with the buyers’ agent. We’ll be tough on your behalf and enjoy every minute.
  • Planner:  Your TREF agent will arrange all appraisals and inspections with top-notch professionals. We will also plan for escrow and closing.  We leave nothing to chance.
  • Support: We are available throughout the entire transaction to answer any and all questions that may arise.  We are here to take care of you.

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Our Process

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