Tips for Successful Client Communication

As a real estate agent, what is the most important part of your client's experience with you? The hands-down answer is communication. The way you communicate with your clients determines whether they remember you as helpful, informative, and available, or if you bring...

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The Ultimate Homebuying Checklist

Thinking about moving? If your current home is too large or too small, in an area you no longer like, or you are just craving a fresh start, it may be time to plan a move. As stressful as buying a home seems, with strategic planning you can move through the process...

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Seven Easy Ways to Entertain in Your Front Yard

Is your house a bit too small for entertaining a crowd? Or do you simply gravitate toward the warm weather and summer breeze? While many people plan their outdoor events in the backyard, the front yard is coming in as strong competition. The argument here is, if you...

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Tips for Successful Open Houses: Handling Buyers and Sellers

A Realtor open house is an important event. It woos buyers, confirms the price is right, and shows how hot the property is going to be. The event might even directly result in a "Sold" sign in the front yard. With so much riding on an open house’s success, a Knoxville...

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What Does A Realtor Do? For A Buyer? For A Seller?

“Are you using a Realtor?” If you're in the market to either buy or sell a home, you’ve undoubtedly heard this question from at least one person. Deciding whether to use a real estate agent is a big decision. Do you need one? Is it worth the money? What are the...

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The Top Tips for Showing A Home to A Potential Buyer

Selling a home requires an attractive price, an appealing space, and maybe even a bit of luck. However, you can't rely on chance alone when you want to sell a home fast. Showing the home is one of the most effective parts in selling the home. If you've had a home...

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The Hottest, Most-In Paint Colors for Your Home

What is the single-best boost you can give a space for the money? If you answered a fresh coat of paint, you're correct! Beautifully hued walls add dimension, ambiance, and life to the rooms in your home. The problem is that there are just this side of a gazillion...

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What NOT to Do When You’re Trying to Sell Your Home

When you want to sell a home fast, there are many steps that hasten the process. Unfortunately, sellers can also sabotage a speedy purchase without realizing they're doing it. Make a couple of mistakes and a house that should have sold in days might languish for weeks...

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How to Attract Real Estate Leads Using Instagram

Whether you're a social media marvel or you barely look at your Facebook page, you probably know the potential of social media channels. You may be super busy, network all the time, and receive leads every day. But you can still do more. If you want to develop a new...

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Five Things No One Tells You About Owning Your First Home

A first-time homebuyer knows there's more to it than finding a cute house with an affordable monthly payment. There are many important steps to the process, and the more that homebuyers know about them, the better chance they have at making good decisions. Here are...

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